Attention Mums and Dads of 4 to 10 year olds - is your son or daughter still wetting the bed?

How to Quickly and Easily Stop Your Child Wetting the Bed


Is your little one struggling with bed-wetting, causing stress for you and them?
Are you faced with washing and changing sheets all too often?
Is your child waking everyone in the middle of the night, wet and uncomfortable?

You've tried everything from restricting drinks for hours before bed, to bed-wetting alarms and maybe even that medication… but nothing seems to work!

Of course you know it's not their fault but still it is stressful and disruptive for everyone.

I know what it's like - I've been there too.                  

My wife and I struggled with these problems with our daughter too, until I developed a solution…

A powerful technique that teaches your child's subconscious mind how to control their bladder while they are asleep, taught through a lovely engaging bedtime story.

A hypnotic story designed especially for kids to stop them wetting the bed.

And because it is delivered in story, they will be learning without even knowing they are learning!

This wonderfully imaginative and effective story is part of my library of Fumbily Wood Stories for teaching kids mental resilience. It can be played straight from your mobile phone as your child is falling asleep at bedtime.

Mums and dads are seeing a complete cessation of bed wetting after as little as two nights of their kids listening to this story and subconsciously learning the technique.

So you might just be one more midnight bed-change away from a peaceful night’s sleep!

Imagine what it would be like to see their proud little face when they have had yet another dry night, the self-confidence that that would bring them. How nice would it be for you, to not to have to deal with another unscheduled laundry load?
I'm Dave Russell and I am a Mind Coach, a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and the father of one beautiful little girl called Lucy.
And when Lucy was 4, I created some hypnotic stories about a bear called Tumbles, who lived in Fumbily Wood, to help her develop the skills to manage her own mind and body, and help her to stop wetting the bed.

At first, I used to just sit on her bed at bedtime and make up stories as I went. I then gradually started to weave in some hypnotic suggestions to help her have a good nights sleep. She loved listening to the adventures of the characters I created, Tumbles the Bear and all his other animal friends in Fumbily Wood.

Eventually, I decided to write down the stories and record them so Lucy could listen to them when I wasn't home for bedtime. It was my way of letting her hear my voice each night before bed.

Then when she started wetting the bed my wife, Emma asked if I thought that I could use my skills as a hypnotherapist to write a Tumbles story that would help her with that. 

I said I'd have a go and after about a week of thinking about and crafting the story in my head, I managed to record; Sniffer Wants to Stay Dry, a story about Tumbles and a little rabbit called Sniffer. 

I was excited to try it out for a few days and see if it had any effect on Lucy...


After just 2 days listening to the story on my phone as she went to sleep at night, she had her first dry night in months!

While this was a relief for both myself and Emma, we weren't going to count our chickens too soon. Most parents are familiar with the odd reprieve that you can get when the stars align and their bed is dry in the morning, so I was well aware that this could just have been a coincidence. 


Then it happened again!

And again...

And again!

In fact, there was a complete cessation of bed-wetting from the second day of listening to the story and subconsciously learning a very powerful technique for controlling her bladder while she slept. 

No need for bed-wetting alarms, no need for medication and no more unscheduled changing and washing of bed clothes. 

What a relief!

The stories were originally only ever meant for Lucy. I never intended to share them as they were a special thing between me and her. Tumbles was created just for my little girl by her daddy, that's the way I looked at. 

That was until...

One night as she started listening to one of her Tumbles stories, she looked at me and asked...

“Dad, wouldn’t it be nice if Tumbles could help other kids and not just me?”

I had never considered it but how could I say no to my little girl?

So I made her a promise, but I was nervous...

What if the stories were only effective because she was listening to her Daddy's voice narrating them?

What if it didn't work for other kids?

But having successfully worked with clients of all ages in my practice over the years, I was quietly confident and I had to make good on my promise!

I started to slowly share this story with some friends, family, neighbours, my wife's colleagues and my clients.

And amazingly, it worked for their kids too!

The success rate was fantastic. Not only did it help younger kids overcome the stress and discomfort of bed-wetting,  but it also helped some older children with chronic bed-wetting problems to completely stop!

And ever since Lucy encouraged me to share Tumbles the Bear and The Fumbily Wood Stories they have now helped countless kids to stop wetting the bed and have dry nights. 

Not only this but the library of stories has grown and now there are more stories to choose from that help kids fall asleep, overcome stress and anxiety and learn to control their emotions.

Annmarie Lacy - Dublin

What this Fumbily Wood Hypnotic Story will do for you:

  • Remove the stress felt by both parent and child caused by ongoing bedwetting
  • Allow your son or daughter to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in a dry bed
  • Help your child build confidence 
  • Put end to additional laundry overload

Effortless to learn, easy to use and fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Mandy S. - Greystones

Here’s what you get…

Lifetime access to the Fumbily Wood story - Sniffer Wants to Stay Dry.
On purchase you will get immediate access to the story via my password protected online platform. This platform can be easily accessed from any smartphone, tablet or laptop and can be played to your son or daughter directly from your phone without the need for headphones.
And just to make your life and the life of your little ones just that little bit easier, when you purchase this story you will also get free access to; Tumbles the Bear Wants to Fall Asleep. This is another beautiful story that will help your kids drift off to sleep at bedtime without any fuss!
And you'll get lifetime access all for just one payment of …

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So for less than the price of a new duvet set and bed sheets, you could put an end to your little ones bed wetting and help them become less stressed, more confident and have a comfortable night’s sleep.
Think of all of the stress and effort that you and your little one could avoid when they start listening today
Click on the Buy Now Button below.
P.S. The Fumbily Wood Hypnotic Stories for Kids, developed by Mind Coach Dave Russell has been proven to help stop bed-wetting. But don't delay the €29.99 price will be going up shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The stories are accessed via my online platform via any smartphone, tablet or p.c.

You'll receive an email with a link and your log in details immediately after purchase and you can access the story straight away.

No, you can just use the built in speaker in your smartphone or tablet. Headphones aren't necessary as they can be uncomfortable and distracting for kids when going asleep.

No. As they are drifting off to sleep their brainwaves naturally change in to more alpha, delta and theta brainwaves that are more effective for making change in the subconscious mind.

For the first two weeks approximately they should listen to the story every night. For the next month this can be reduced down to about twice a week. For the next few months it is advised that they listen to the story at least a few times each month to ensure that the changes in the sub-conscious mind is maintained.

No, at the end of the day this is just a nice bedtime story that has added benefits of some positive hypnotic suggestions. You can't overdoes on it!

No. Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of mind characterised with certain brainwaves that make suggestions to the subconscious mind easier. Children naturally spend more time in this state of mind than adults as their young mind absorbs information.

Some parents report a complete cessation of bed-wetting after just 2 days. Other results may vary and take longer. The more chronic the problem the longer that it can take to take effect.

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